Purchase Orders

A purchase order (PO / LPO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Acceptance of a purchase order by a seller forms a contract between the buyer and seller, so no contract exists until the purchase order is accepted. It is used to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers.

Companies use purchase orders for several reasons:

  • Purchase orders allow buyers to clearly and explicitly communicate their intentions to sellers
  • Sellers are protected in case of a buyer's refusal to pay for goods or services
  • Purchase orders help a purchasing agent to manage incoming orders and pending orders
  • Purchase orders provide economies in that they streamline the purchasing process to a standard procedure

Here are some of the features of Vivaio CRM's Purchase Orders Module:

  • Track Delivery Dates
  • Assign to a user or a group of users
  • Simply add products, quantities and prices from the Inventory Module
  • Approve and Print from the system on a pre-designed Letter Head
  • Auto-generated Purchase Orders IDs for additional control over your POs


  • Users Management
  • Companies & Contacts
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Quotations & Sales Orders
  • Invoices & Purchase Orders
  • Contracts Management
  • Inventory & Warehouses
  • Tasks Management
  • SMS & Email Campaigns
  • Instant Notifications Suite
  • Communications Module
  • Detailed Activity Log
  • Tailored Reports


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