An opportunity is a possibility to sell products and services to a qualified customer.

Create opportunities to set the value of the business, manage your sales pipeline, probability of winning, and forecast close dates.

You can create an opportunity from a qualified lead or you can create a new opportunity for one of your existing customers.

With Vivaio CRM, you can track the information about each opportunity, such as:

  • Opportunity Description
  • Source
  • State and status of the opportunity
  • The probability of the sale
  • The next step
  • The sales stage
  • The estimated closing date.



  • Users Management
  • Companies & Contacts
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Quotations & Sales Orders
  • Invoices & Purchase Orders
  • Contracts Management
  • Inventory & Warehouses
  • Tasks Management
  • SMS & Email Campaigns
  • Instant Notifications Suite
  • Communications Module
  • Detailed Activity Log
  • Tailored Reports


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